Welcome to Studio Avant-Garde

We are a young and dynamic communications consultancy with an aim to assist organisations and businesses in raising their profile by producing tailor made strategies to suit individual needs.

We do this by offering an exciting, fresh and international approach to communications and media by drawing from different sectors and disciplines to deliver hard hitting ideas and campaigns that flow across editorial, digital, broadcast and real world environments.

Our consultancy has an expanding group of communication professionals who have the experience and successes with clients to know that the best results come from ‘big agency’ thinking and professional execution, with the ‘personal’ contacts and creativity of a small, specialist company.

We have the passion and experience needed to develop communications on a range of topics from the arts to social reform. Whether its launching an international brand in a country of economic development or offering strategic guidance on communicating a cause that moves people to make a change for the greater good of the world.

We will work across all industries from the third sector / NGO’s to entertainment, life and style but we aim to work on projects with a philanthropic goal at their heart. This is the mission of our founders who come from the east and west of the world, who want to use the experience they have gained in these diverse regions to help them challenge the norms set by urban and mainstream industries.

For more information or to view our portfolio, please contact info@studio-avantgarde.com


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